My Teaching Philosophy

I was sitting in my sophomore field class when my professor gave us an assignment – write your music education philosophy.

My philosophy? A few things crossed my mind…

“Pass my juries.”

“Get a job.”


Okay, so not the best foundation. I thought a little deeper. This is where I thought of one thing – Harry Potter.

One of my favorite quotes came to mind:

“Ah, music,” he said, wiping his eyes. “A magic beyond all we do here!” – Albus Dumbledore

No matter how many other ideas I considered, I kept returning to this quote.

“Music is Magic.”

“Music is Magic.”

“Music is Magic.”

I certainly believed that idea but WHY was it magical? What made this subject so special? Well… for one thing, it seemed to align all of the other subjects. It beautified language. It connected with human emotions. This idea gave purpose for everything I was working to do.

Several years later, I was inspired to share my creations with other teachers. It only felt right to name my business after my own philosophy.